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Karlsson, Sarek - Fjällturer 1970 - 2016
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Bildband Von Sune Karlsson 191 Seiten mit vielen farbigen Abbildungen. Text in schwedischer und englischer Sprache . Kartoniert. Foreword in English The book you’re holding in your hands is a compilation of close to 50 years of all-season mountain hiking in Sarek National Park. Most of the pictures have been analog diapositives or black-and-white negatives, so it’s been a time-consuming but interesting work looking through old boxes that travelled back and forth between Sweden and Belgium in different moving vans. Following that, I had to scan the pictures as well as catalogue them on my computer with proper backup. It’s taken a lot of time, but has at the same time been an amazing journey through my life with Sarek. It sounds odd, but to many mountain hikers Sarek is like a drug that you try once, only to be dependent for life. The photographs serve as support for my memory, but is also a way of describing the trails that in Sarek are completely unmarked. You have to use common sense and let your destination as well as the weather conditions determine which way to go. I wrote this book because I wanted to complement the existing guide books on the area with extensive photographic material that gives the reader a better idea of the terrain. Yet it’s also a book full of experiences that cover many years and could be enjoyed in your favorite armchair in front of the fireplace, as well. In 1982, my brother Bosse and I published the book “Sareks fyra årstider” (The Four Seasons of Sarek). Some of those photographs have been reused here. Back then, we wrote that there was a need for more tourist information on Sarek and that the municipality of Jokkmokk was planning something along those lines. Today, those plans have been partially realized through Ájtte; a mountain and Sami museum that depict the history and culture of the Sami people. The information available for mountain tourists, however, can still be improved, especially for foreign visitors that sometimes arrive unprepared for the realities of Sarek. The weather conditions can be extreme, like in 2015 when summer only stayed for a few weeks in August—and on top of that, the annual invasion of mosquitoes was out of the ordinary. Even in July, some trails were not recommended due to the amount of snow covering them. Today, the information on Laponia—a larger area where Sarek is included—is getting better. This unique natural area has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. By coordinating their efforts, Naturum Laponia, the Swedish Tourist Association (STA), the County Administrative Board and Jokkmokk Tourist Information Center should be able to provide mountain tourists with better information through different channels. Some progress has been made, so I have some hope for the future. I’ve visited Kvikkjokk (Huhttán) myself in recent years and so I’ve seen how this old mountain village is becoming overgrown by brushwood while the view from the mountain station towards Pårek (Boarek) has disappeared. Village residents seem to disagree on how to manage the area. Björn; who transports tourists by boat in the Kvikkjokk delta, is a genuine rock, and so is Kjell, who does the same in Laidaure (Lájtávvre) in cooperation with the STA. Otherwise, surprisingly little has changed in 50 years, except that the Laidaure delta is growing while the glaciers are shrinking. My hopes are that we will respect and somehow manage to keep this unique area of wild nature safe for the generations to come. Sune Karlsson, Larslunda in 2017 Hier finden Sie noch mehr Schweden-Bildbände

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