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Perfect Books! Fun English! Dr. Bejko is dedicated to supporting ESL students and teachers. She is an associate professor of Education at Ambrose University College in Canada and teaches TESL courses that are based on brain research and intentional teaching. Dr. Bejko is dedicated to closing the educational achievement gap between English language learners and native speakers. She works with teachers to develop language teaching strategies which help all learners achieve academic success. Dr. Bejko has taught ESL/EFL in a number of countries and while obtaining her professional degrees, she taught English as a Second language in K-12 classrooms and university English programs for international students in San Diego, Vancouver, and Calgary. Altogether, her teaching experience spans over 37 years and 3 continents. She has had a very high rate of academic achievement for her students thanks to using Fun English. 'Dr. Bejko is the person, who helped me get Reborn and Recreated my education, Inspired and made me believe that everything is possible. She did not do that by helping me fi nancially or by telling stories about heroes, but by teaching some levels of her book called 'Fun English'. The time that I spend in studying that book was the most important and great time in my life. That book helped me to achieve my goals. I passed IELTS academic, which was condition for me to be accepted at a Canadian university. I am really impressed with this book because it never gets you bored or tired of studying and feeds you with background knowledge of many cultures and characters around the word. That means that you are learning curiosities and cultures of the world and at the same time you are learning English. ' Eldi, a Canadian immigrant from Albania.

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