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The Manager and the Monk
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An exploration of spirituality, values, and sustainability inbusiness When Jochen Zeitz and Anselm Grün first met onstage as 'themanager and the monk,' Zeitz was CEO and Chairman of Puma, andFather Grün was a monk serving as cellarer, the businessmanager of his Benedictine abbey. They came together to discusstheir shared goal: what it means to lead and manage responsibly andsustainably in today's shifting world. Available for the first time in English, The Manager and theMonk features these topical essays and dialogues, drawing onsources as diverse as the Bible, contemporary religious thought,psychological theory, and the innovative 'environmental profit& loss account' Zeitz developed for Puma. Together, Zeitz andGr??n explore their intersecting definitions of prosperity, values,sustainability, among a host of other topics. * Jochen Zeitz was CEO of Puma for 18 years and is founder, withSir Richard Branson, of the B Team, a global initiative aimed attransforming the future of business * Anselm Grün is cellarer (business manager) ofMünsterschwarzach Abbey in Germany, overseeing a staff of 300in crafts such as beekeeping and brewing; and an internationallybest-selling author of more than 300 books available in 35languages * Translated from an award-winning German book, Gott, Geld,und Gewissen, which has been translated into 11 languages The Manager and the Monk is a thoughtful, impassionedplea for how to manage responsibly in the modern world.

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